Spit ‘n Polish

Greetings! As part of the update to the new look for the interior of the inn, I’ve been working on updating the previously existing furniture. This includes the fireplace, the bar, the tables and benches, the woodpile, barrels, and the trapdoor. Phew! Today I’d like to show you all some before/after shots.

First, here is what I had to start with, shown here with the old background for context.


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Hi everyone.

I’ve missed a second screenshotsaturday in a row on /r/gamemaker, and I’ve barely posted anything on twitter in the last two weeks either! The truth is I’m pretty close to having everything ready for a development video. I think if I pushed through for ten or twenty hours of development it would be definitely doable. But I really can’t find that ten or twenty hours just now, given my responsibilities for my day job. It’s kind of frustrating that I can’t show off a few hundred hours of work for the lack of finding ten or twenty hours, but that’s the situation. I’ll be putting Innkeep on hold for a few more weeks most likely. My current guess is that I’ll release the dev video around Christmas. Meanwhile in January and February I’m hoping to have a couple of shorter updates, once I’ve shifted back to working on game mechanics.

Dev update – 24th October


I’ve had another busy week working on Innkeep, focusing on reworking the walkway with an updated texture that fits better with the main wall and the floors of the second level bedrooms, and heavily redesigning the main wall texture. It used to look like this..


But this was created prior to the adding of any of the bedrooms or the creation of a perspective-checking master image file.

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Chugging along


Hi everybody. This humble wordpress site recently hit a 1000 visitor milestone. I’ve also gained 40 new twitter followers in the last 28 days. It seems like this project is starting to get a little traction, and I think part of the thanks goes to the effort I’ve been putting in to upgrading the game art.

I do post a few screenshots (like the above one) on this site, but if you haven’t already done so you can see a lot more of what I have been working on if you check out the media section of my twitter feed.

What am I doing right now? Still working on re-creating the basic assets of the interior of the inn, from the ground up (quite literally, as I started back in early September with the flagstone floor of the inn). Things are nearing completion on that front, but there have been hiccups along the way. One major issue being inconsistencies with the perspective I’ve used. I love the perspective I’m using for this project, but I wasn’t quite smart enough at the beginning to make sure I had a workflow that would make everything conform properly. So now I’ve found I need to go back and create a kind of master graphics file that holds everything in it as a separate layer.

Using this approach I can easily see what isn’t fitting together, and why. So that’s what I’m getting stuck into at the moment, and I’m making good progress. However the brand new main walls which I made about 6 weeks earlier already look like they need some reworking to fit with everything else nicely (including the 12 bedrooms I have recently added), so that might take a bit of effort. Once that is done though it should be clear sailing, with a bit of tiding up, and then a big dev video to showcase the work of the last couple of months. Really looking forward to it!


For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow

A few weeks ago I made a rough storyboard of the game intro. Here it is as a GIF. Imagine it played at about half speed or less, to the tune of a softly sung “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”.



This kind of tells you a fair bit about the setting and your main character. It’s a bit creepy. Right from the start you are introduced to your player character as a person who loots a battlefield in order to buy an inn. But we also know that it is a world at war. And maybe desperate times call for desperate measures.

Actually, in the world of Innkeep! there will be resource scarcity. Food and drink for your inn won’t be cheap, exactly because of this war going on. And so extracting extra dollars from adventurers will become even more attractive, given that they are the only ones about with any kind of wealth. It will also make more sense as to why you might be forced to water down your drinks, or mix in “mystery” meat into your stews, given that decent quality stuff may cost quite a lot.