Run your own fantasy world inn. 







Serve ale. Share rumors. Tell jokes…



Rob your guests…??




Well, maybe just a little.



You didn’t kill the old inkeeper. You’re just the hungry stranger who found the body. And the apron fits so well. But if you’re going to restore this lonely inn to its former glory you’ll need to do a little more than water down the wine and charge extra for the mice.

It’s time to get creative.

Very creative.

Starting with what goes into the stew.



A micro-RPG with light sim elements and a dash of sleuthing and creative cooking. Spy on your guests while you serve them. Eavesdrop on their conversations. Use jokes and banter to set them at ease. Then, uncover their secrets, and find out what valuables they have. Late at night you’ll be paying some of them a visit, wiggling rings from fingers and rifling through backpacks. 



  • visually detailed play space with day and night phases and atmospheric lighting.
  • unique vanishing-point perspective with cut-away walls and floors.
  • A host of individually hand-crafted guests.
  • challenging core game loop.
  • An unfolding narrative which responds to player choice.
  • Musical tracks that are incorporated into the game, played by the bards you hire.
  • A cooking system.
  • The ability to collect and share rumors, stories, and jokes.

A Game For

Windows (initially)


Release Date

A mystery, wrapped in an
enigma, locked in a strongbox.


Developed By…

Daniel Burke
Code goblin, “art” scrawler

John Halpart
Tune crooner, SFX wrangler