Serve ale. Be jolly. Rob your guests.









A role-playing game with sim elements. Run the rustic local inn. Make it thrive in these troubled times. It’s going to take more than watering down the wine and charging extra for the mice. But how far will you go?

Serve Ale

Road weary travelers take respite at your humble inn every evening. Assign them rooms for the night, and then serve them food and drink.

Be Jolly

Entertain your guests. Tell them that joke about the one-legged candle-maker. Hire some musicians to keep them merry, so that they may drink and spend their coin till late.

Rob Your Guests

In the dead of night, sneak into the rooms of the drunkest guests and liberate them of their little trinkets. Slip necklaces over heads, wiggle rings from fingers. But be careful not to wake them! 

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