Come in! Come in! Let me take that heavy bag. Don’t worry about your fine horse. The lad will take care of her good ‘n proper. BOY! Come in out of the cold! Welcome to my humble establishment. It’s not every day we get a right proper guest such as yourself! I’m the innkeeper. Although usually it’s just Innkeep! Yes, that’s what they yell at me, that worthless lot over yonder. Bring me more ale! Well, let ‘em yell! They’ve damn near emptied half a barrel today already! Not that I’m complainin mind. It’s all coin to me. But my poor feet! Running here, running there…

But I do go on! Been long on the roads have you? Well good that you’re safe. Nasty business these days. Nasty business indeed. Come this way and take a seat. Yes, we all thought the war would be done and finished long ago. And now things have started to get short. First beef. Then bread. Now it’s got such that some days I can barely scrap together a decent meal for a fine guest such as yourself. Ah, but don’t you be worrying about that! I have my ways and means. Oh yes indeed. And that’s a mighty fine ring you’re wearing if you don’t mind me saying so. Gold, is it? Lovely indeed. Truly you’re more ‘n a step above the usual turnip sellers and tinkers that blow through these parts. And don’t get me started about the soldiers. They’ll be requisitioning the breeches from my backside next. And dear lord save us from bragging, troublemaking “adventurers.” Little better than glorified grave robbers if you ask me, taking advantage of the troubles to loot the old burrows ‘n such as they please. Well I suppose their coin is as good as any, even if I can’t recognize the old faces stamped on em!

Now let me find my quill and put you down for our best room. I’ll have some proper good linen and nice hot water sent up later. You can get a sound forty winks before you carry on your way in the morrow. Oh, and if you hear anything at night don’t pay it any mind! The building is old and creaky. Now let me fetch you some of our best wine. And I do forget! A bard will be here before sundown to play us a little music. Come and join us as you eat. I’ve saved up a few good tales and jests that would be wasted on those louts over there. YES YES! COMING! Mercy. Where is that lad? BOY! I swear I should put that idle sack of bones back on the street where I found him…


Innkeep! is a game in development for the PC.  You play as an innkeeper in a low fantasy world, ravaged by warfare. The game will have some light sim elements. You need to manage your stock of food, drink, firewood and candles. There is serving to be done, and staff to hire and pay. But your day-to-day running of the inn is made increasingly challenging by wartime scarcity. Getting the basic goods you need to run your business is difficult. You will need to cut corners (dog meat anyone?) and make contacts with black market traders. There are also bribes to pay to keep the military from causing you problems. Yet it is possible to thrive in this situation, for your inn is but a front for a more lucrative activity: robbing your guests as they sleep. In the evening you are on the lookout for identifying the guests that are loaded with treasures. When you have your mark, you need to try and make sure they have a merry old time, and get thoroughly drunk. Making sure they sit next to other guests they will get along with is a good start. Telling them a few good jokes might also help. Then in the dead of night, you can let yourself into their room, prying open their backpacks, wiggling rings from fingers, slipping chains from necks. If you have done your job properly, they should be far too drunk to notice a thing. But don’t take too much. Or from the wrong people. Or they might kick up a fuss and blow the whole operation.