The life of an innkeeper can be a hard one. Especially when there is a war on. You can only water your ale down so much before it’s just ale flavored water, and the price of dog meat just keeps going up. But you are an enterprising type. You know that there are still people in this world with money. Adventurers. Those bragging troublemakers need to stop drinking and sleep at some point. And when they do, you’ll be able to sneak into their rooms and avail yourself of some of their hard won treasures.

Innkeep! is a game I am developing for the PC, where you play an innkeeper in a low fantasy world, serving ale, being jolly. The game will have some light sim elements. You need to manage your stock of food, drink, firewood and candles. There is serving to be done, and staff to hire and pay. But your day-to-day running of the inn is a front for your more lucrative activity: robbing your guests as they sleep. In the evening you are on the lookout for identifying the guests that are loaded with treasures. When you have your mark, you need to try and make sure they have a merry old time, and get thoroughly drunk. Making sure they sit next to other guests they will get along with is a good start. Telling them a few good jokes might also help. Then in the dead of night, you can let yourself into their room, prying open their backpacks, wiggling rings from fingers, slipping chains from necks. If you have done your job properly, they should be far too drunk to notice a thing. But don’t take too much. Or from the wrong people. Or they might kick up a fuss and blow the whole operation.spr_Player_FullStein_Ale


Welcome my good sir!

Come in, come in. Welcome to this here most humble of establishments. How kind of you to grace us with your presence. I am the innkeeper. Or “Innkeep!” That’s what they always yell at me my good sir, adventurers like those over yonder. The scum. Bring me more ale! Well let them yell. Troublemakers the lot of them. Not like a fine upstanding gentleman like you! But of course as always I shall be along shortly with a smile and a joke. That’s an innkeepers job. Yes I’ll be their best mate. And especially if luck’s been blowin their way, if you catch my drift. Well let me take that heavy bag. And take a seat! Yes, yes I do complain! But then I suppose the world does need “heroes” now don’t it. Some fool body has to slay those orcs and vanquish such vile things ‘neath the ground. But you wont catch me down there good sir! Don’t have it in me. Haha! I’d be the first to admit that. Can’t swing a sword. Rubbish with a bow. Nothing magical about me. But then, as I thinks it, we’re not so different, after all. We’re all chasin the same thing at the end of the day are we not? Glory? My good sir! Coin! Only, I can leave the hacking and slashing beneath the ground to the young and the bold. Cos you see, at the end of the day whatever they unearth down there is gonna get spent. Plenty of that shiny stuff makes its way from a dead goblin’s loincloth to my open palm. If you’ll excuse the vulgarities. You look parched! Let me pour you a drink. You see, the way I looks at it, it’s what some might call “a mutually beneficial arrangement”. After treading the halls of a musty tomb or dungeon filled with horrors a body needs a rest now don’t it? A tankard of ale. And there is yours. Yes. A laugh. A good punch up. A bed to sleep in with a reasonably low population of lice. Maybe a warm body to share that bed with? Eh? Eh? No? Well. And how about a lead on the next quest when your purse has become much lighter? That’s where I come in. You see I’m a Business Man. A Respectable and Upstanding Citizen. A Provider of various Services. I’ll look out for that lot, and I’ll look out for you, now don’t you worry. Oh yes. Yes indeed. Let me sign you down for our best room now kind sir. Kick back. Relax. I’ll take care of everything.