Dev Diary #12 – To Prototype Parity, and Beyond!


It’s time for development diary #12.


  • === New Features ===
    • Added an actual cellar to replace the old cellar GUI. The player can walk down steps to go below the common room, and then directly lift barrels up and down from under the bar, which remains visible.
    • Bedroom doorways now have some fancy working doors that can be open and shut, with attendant audio.
    • All furnishings have received a graphical upgrade so that they match the new graphics level of the inn. This includes a new fireplace, new tables and benches, a new bar with new tankards and new barrels, a new trapdoor (cellar GUI), and a new woodpile.
  • Implemented new movement system for the player. This movement system is based on time, rather than FPS, so it should be smooth and consistent across machines. This system is also ‘slippery’. If the player hits a wall at an angle, they will slide along that wall. This is particularly helpful for going up and down stairs, and for walking along the narrow, angled walkways.

=== Improvements ===

  • When entering a bedroom, or the kitchen/stable area, the main play space (common room) of the inn darkens. This helps emphasize the transition, but also makes these areas stand out a bit more distinctly.
  • Reworked the walkway so that it fits snugly with the main wall. Previously there were a few places where it wasn’t fitting correctly.
  • Extra supports on left and right walkways have also been added by the stairs, and the positioning of the supports has also been adjusted.
  • Supports have received an improved look. They are now more solid looking (thicker), and connect with the wooden walkways more obviously.
  • The floor sprite has been improved. This includes some touching up of the detailing (extra cracks on the flagstones), but most importantly, for each point where building sprites come into contact with the floor (including the walls, the support posts for the walkway, and the fireplace), the base of those sprites has been incorporated into the floor sprite. What this means is that the visible “seam” between the sprites has been removed, making them look properly integrated as one surface.
  • The player sprite has been redrawn, including variations for holding different items.
  • Improvements to how the view is adjusted, according to the location of the player.
  • Many other small tasks tweaking different pieces of the new play space, making sure everything fits together and works properly.

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