Developer Diary #11 – The Next Level

Hi everybody. It’s time for development diary #11. The work I’m showing today is easily the single largest update to the game so far in terms of hours invested.


=== New Features ===

  • A reworking of the art assets for the inn interior from the ground up, including:
    • Common room
    • Flagstone floor
    • New walls
    • Kitchen
    • Herringbone tile floor
    • New walls
    • A stable
    • Unique floor and walls
    • Bedrooms
    • All unique floors and walls
  • Reworking of walkways and staircases, making them into discrete objects that can now properly be walked on top of and under.
  • A new system for controlling player movement depending on what depth they are in. Barriers which exist when you are on the ground level are removed when you are upstairs, and conversely barriers which exist for upstairs are removed when on the ground level.
  • The inn now has bedrooms! When entering a bedroom the main wall fades away, and any walkways which are blocking your view become translucent.

=== Improvements ===

  • Fixed a long running serious issue where dynamic scaling of the character object caused its bounding box (which was scaling along with it) to expand into the bounding boxes of objects that it was passing by alongside. This could cause the object to get stuck, or even crash the game. Now, the player object still scales dynamically, but doesn’t actually have its own bounding box. Instead it simply follows a hidden box object which has a stable bounding box and has been given all of the movement code. Collision issues that had annoyed me for a long time are now totally gone, and everything is running smooth as silk in that department. Pixel perfect collision is back!
  • More behind the scenes changes to how some objects are loaded in order to make the room editor less messy.
  • Improvements to the bar to make it fit properly in the game space.


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