Developer Diary #2 – Belly Up to the Bar…

Hi everyone. It’s been two weeks, and I now have another developer diary to show how things are coming along.

Basically I’ve managed to set up a lot of the foundations for the core of the game. It’s starting to come together.
There is now:

A menu system.
Smoother movement.
A GUI time piece (candle).
A functioning bar system with steins and barrels, serving and drinking.
Now has a shader system.
Gets darker as it becomes evening.
A working fireplace.
Other under the hood stuff.

And other things I’ve forgotten or aren’t visible. There are some variables operating behind the scenes now that I haven’t really talked about, but which impact things in subtle ways (for example, guest mood).

I hope to have another development video up in two weeks showing table conversations and a few more guest types. The plan remains to have a working “playable” game within the next couple of months, after which I can start to flesh it out with guest types, story, balancing and polishing.

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