Dev Update – 31st October

Still creeping towards a dev diary video. Looks like it won’t happen till November. I have added the shadowing to the main wall that I spoke about last week.


And created some new stairs matching the new walkway style too.


In fact, all of the new sprites (except for the shadowed floor), have been scaled down, sliced up, and put into the game.


What remains to be done is to fix misalignments with the blocking objects (invisible lines that dynamically switch depending on what level you are on), and get the fading working for each of the  bedrooms.

Here’s an example of how it should look.


And one more.


I need to do the same for another ten bedrooms, which might take a  little time. After this and the blocking object alignment are done, it’s on to looking at re-adding the tables, chairs, bar, etc, and fixing some alignment issues in the old walls for the kitchen and stable, which were never put into my master image file. Finally the fireplace will need substantial reworking to fit with all the changes that have happened. It also just needed a visual improvement regardless.

When all that is done, I will finally be just about ready to make a video showing it all off. I’m hoping for mid November, but I have a lot of other commitments, so we shall see.

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