Dev update – 24th October


I’ve had another busy week working on Innkeep, focusing on reworking the walkway with an updated texture that fits better with the main wall and the floors of the second level bedrooms, and heavily redesigning the main wall texture. It used to look like this..


But this was created prior to the adding of any of the bedrooms or the creation of a perspective-checking master image file.

Now we have something that actually fits with there being two floors behind it, and that has actual doorways. But getting there meant messing with the geometry. I put a lot of effort into the original image, meaning that it looked nice, but it wasn’t easy to change in a significant way.


In the above image you can see the extra line of wooden cross beams that I have added in, minus any border lines, or shadows. The diagonal beams are also now out of wack.


With the bulk of the cleaning up done I could use the master image file to make sure that I had the texture fit with the positions of the bedrooms (the sprites for the bedroom walls and floors are on separate layers).


And here is the stage I have reached. If you compare this image with an old picture of the interior of the inn you can see quite a difference in quality. However the old image is actually better in a key respect.


The old image has some major shadows baked in. For example, along the top, and on the wall underneath the walkways. I’m going to work this in next, along with a bit more grime, and that should help make it looks a little more natural.

I’m going to start slowing down the pace a fair bit going forward as I shift back to taking care of my day job, but I’m pretty excited about releasing a development video in the near future show-casing all the updating I’ve done to the interior of the inn. This still might be another week or two away after all (the goal keeps on receding as I approach it, and I think I’ve finally learnt to stop trying to sprint what is actually a marathon).


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