For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow

A few weeks ago I made a rough storyboard of the game intro. Here it is as a GIF. Imagine it played at about half speed or less, to the tune of a softly sung “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”.



This kind of tells you a fair bit about the setting and your main character. It’s a bit creepy. Right from the start you are introduced to your player character as a person who loots a battlefield in order to buy an inn. But we also know that it is a world at war. And maybe desperate times call for desperate measures.

Actually, in the world of Innkeep! there will be resource scarcity. Food and drink for your inn won’t be cheap, exactly because of this war going on. And so extracting extra dollars from adventurers will become even more attractive, given that they are the only ones about with any kind of wealth. It will also make more sense as to why you might be forced to water down your drinks, or mix in “mystery” meat into your stews, given that decent quality stuff may cost quite a lot.

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