Developer Diary #9 – The Big Barfly Bestiary

=== New Features ===

– New guest type. A hedgewitch. Crude like a commoner, but a little more honest.
– New “shout” system using speech bubbles. When a guest wants something they will generate a clear speech bubble which contains an image of what they want, instead of simply displaying the icon above their head. The speech bubble will re-appear as the need becomes more severe, with its appearance changing to be more jagged to indicate yelling. The bubble has its own lighting object which is incorporated into the shading system, so that the shout is always clear regardless of how dark the room is, making it look like a GUI object while still actually being a regular object in the room.
– New guestbook GUI screen. Along with the cellar barrel GUI, the game now has a guestbook GUI which is accessible by clicking on an icon next to the time candle in the bottom left of the screen. This book initially serves as a bestiary of sorts, including information on the types of guests who have visited your inn to date. The pages of the book expand as new guests visit, and navigation through the pages is by way of either clicking on the corners of the pages or by using the mouse wheel. It might later be expanded to be a gateway to other game functions too, such as for keeping track of rumours and jokes/tales.
– New end of day screen. When the day ends the game now takes you to a screen where you can see a summary of the day. Information such as the amount of money made can be displayed here. The player will also have the option to save and quit from here in the future.
=== Improvements ===

– Further revamping of how guest information is displayed at the bottom of the screen. The guest mood sprite is now drawn quite a bit larger with the guest’s name drawn over the bottom of it. Nicknames/titles have also been fleshed out with more variation. They now also can come before or after the guest’s name.
– If a barrel is emptied out then it will no longer display “0 pints of very poor quality nothing”, but instead say “an empty barrel”.
– Updated the look of the game title sprite in the main menu.
– Redesigned the system for scaling characters in order to resolve an issue where mask objects were not always facing in the same way as their owners (i.e. facing to the left when their owner was facing to the right, causing the mouse-over area to not match the sprite).
– Fixed a strange bug that was causing guest masks to become solid sometimes. Turned out it was due to wrong bracketing in the player object relating to the trapdoor GUI.

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