Developer Diary #8 – I Don’t Need to Drink, I Can Quit Any Time I Want

== New Features ==

– New guest type! This one is a soldier.
– New sprite for both the innkeeper and for the commoner guest. They look prettier, but also have been done with a new simplified sprite system in mind. Instead of having left, right, front, back variations, we have one simple variation. This makes more sense for when they need to be animated in the future. The new sprite faces a little to the front and to the right, and can be flipped to the left if needed by simple code. These sprites can also easily be modified slightly for making seated variations.
– Along with ale there are now two new types of drinks, wine and mead. Each have their own barrel sprites, stein sprites and needs icons.
– Guests will specifically ask for a type of drink now, rather than just generically ale. You can only serve them what they have requested.
– After standing for a little while guests will generate an icon showing that they would like a seat. This disappears when they are directed to a place to sit.
– Icons will begin to change from white to pink to red as a warning when they have not been met for some time. Neglect addressing a guests need for long enough will now result in the need being “failed”, with it disappearing and the guest taking a hit to their mood.
– The display at the bottom of the screen showing guest information now also displays all current active needs of that guest in icon form.
– The mood icon in the guest info display has also been replaced. It now shows a close-up of the guest’s face.


== Improvements ==

– When moving barrels in the cellar GUI it is now possible to drag a barrel over a slot where a barrel already is present and swap it with the location of the barrel you originally grabbed. This is just more convenient, but also necessary for when the cellar is full and you want to shift your barrels.
– When serving from behind the bar to people at the bar you now always path behind the bar to a point that is closer to them, rather than pathing out from behind the bar and around, which used to happen. Makes serving easier and more sensible.
– When mousing over a guest if they have a needs icon it will now highlight and pop down a little, basically the same but in reverse as if you moused over the needs icon and had the guest highlighted. This makes sense now that we have multiple needs and wish to know right away what that specific guest wants.
– Added a few more sound FX. These will all need re-doing later, but it’s nice to at least code in some temporary ones here and there for now. There is now a sound for pouring drinks, a popping sound for needs icons, a sound for moving barrels, and a sound for the front door opening.
– Various drink qualities now exist, instead of everything simply being average. An integer between 0 – 100 is represented as very poor quality, poor quality, average quality, high quality or excellent, with each of the five descriptions representing a spectrum covering a range of 20 percent out of 100.
– Filled out the tankard shelf with more tankards. Later these might need to be purchased as you progress.
– Guests now wait a moment by the front door when first appearing, with audio playing for the door opening and being shut. They also don’t issue a request for drinks until they are up near the bar.


== Bug Fixing ==

– Speech bubbles are destroyed at the end of the day so that they don’t hover around at the beginning of the next. They also fade out if you go into the kitchen area.
– Prevented it from being possible to mouse over a guest through the bottom of the bar due to the “underbar” object not blocking them.
– Probably fixed a few other rare bugs. Have yet to reoccur so fingers crossed…

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