Developer Diary #6 – Pipe Smoke

== Major Features ==

– There is now an icon system for guest needs. Right now that means simply drinking, but later could include food and shelter. When a guest doesn’t have a drink, an icon will appear at the top of the screen. Icons slide along and stack on each other properly. This system allows you to immediately have the information you need about how many people need serving. You can also find out which icon represents which guest by mousing over it, which makes that guest become highlighted.

– There is now a barmaid. When idling she will walk around the tavern sweeping. She will also collect empty tankards from the tables and return them to the shelf for you.

– Guests will now smoke pipes sometimes. Each smoker is adding to the total amount of smoke in the room. As the amount increases clouds of pipe smoke will increase in number and become more visible, wafting about. By the end of a busy night the inn might become quite smokey.

– Guests now actually sit down instead of standing next to their tables. Perhaps not a “major feature” from a gameplay perspective, but required a significant amount of work integrating/adapting sprites properly with the tables and benches when sitting. It wasn’t enough simply to make the guest sprites shorter.

== Minor Changes ==

– The glove cursor is now drawn to GUI, so it goes -over- GUI elements like a good glove cursor should.

– There is now a cellar door. That goes nowhere….

– Added a circular glow effect to the candles.

– Added a proper debugging mode that I can switch on and off, making various cheat buttons active for spawning things and changing different variables.

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