Developer Diary #5 – Welcome to my Humble Establishment

Major New Feature

– Basic conversation framework. Guests will talk with each other if there are two or more people at a table. Guest “tweets” have different categories which depends on their mood. Merry guests might tell stories or jokes, less merry guests might grumble or speak of rumors. If you are within earshot, a text box is displayed. If not, a sprite. Guests will now have their mood influenced by the speech of other guests. The change is now shown by a sprite displayed above their head.

Minor New Features

– Added new sprites for the player object, showing the direction the player is facing.
– Guests will not have “full” steins in their hands (with froth) all the way until they finish drinking. Rather they will change to the “empty” (no froth) stein sprite version after a while to show that the contents is being depleted.
– Filling a stein with ale no longer happens instantaneously, but takes a little bit of time (currently a little over a second.) Accompanied by a little animated sprite displayed above the player, which shows a stein being filled. Something similar can be created in the future for other activities which take time.
– When you receive money from a guest it will now display the amount received as a sprite above the player.


– Guest information is now provided with a simple mouse-over instead of having to select them. Reduces the barrier to getting important information.
– Mouse over code developed for guests has been incorporated into other surfaces such as tables, so if you are mousing over a guest who is standing by a table which has a tankard on it that you can pick up, you won’t have both the table and the guest highlighting. Out of those things which can be highlighted, only that thing which is directly under the mouse will react.
– Completed firewood sprite, so it now fully depletes. Added woodchips drawn underneath.
– Improved player feedback for tables: Tables now have a variable for their population, and will check this variable when you are mousing over them or when trying to send somebody to a table.
– Objects which can be carried, stein (empty/full) and wood are now incorporated into the relative character sprites, so that they look more natural (are being actually held), and scale when the sprite scales according to where they are in the room (depth scaling for sense of perspective).
– Long running issues with collision fixed. With the new pixel perfect system the player will no longer be stuck inside objects as before. Did ruin a few smaller things though… Two steps forward one step back with this. ><
– Tweaking of path-finding code to make smoother and more bug free.

Bug Fixing

– Discovered and fixed a long running bug with assigning people to tables due to improper use of the random number generator

Starting to break new ground with adding features now that a lot of the key systems are in places. Looking forward to introducing new guest types in the next video. In the near future I want to add an income report at the end of each day, and shopping options at the start of the next.

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