Developer Diary #4 – Stay a While and Listen

Newly Added Foundational Code

– A brand new object/guest selection system using pixel precise, reliable selection code that can handle object overlapping. What is on top is what gets selected.
– A brand new pathing system which makes use of grid based path-finding. Can be used by both guests and the player.

Major New Features

– A feedback system (makes use of the new masks developed for the selection system). When the player can interact with an object, it highlights and text appears in the
GUI to tell the player what they can do. Makes interaction with the world easier to understand.
– A one-click action system (making use of the new pathing system as well as the new masks and feedback system). If a player clicks on something they can interact
with, but are too far away to interact with it, they will walk to the thing and then interact. This removes the need to manually manuever the player around the play
space in such a painstaking way.

Minor New Features

– Sound effect for the fireplace. The stronger the fire, the louder the effect.
– Tables now have shadows under them.

Bug Fixing (as always)

The last two weeks saw a big breakthrough in two areas I really needed in order to make this game do what I want it to do – reliable selection (the previous system was really only (poorly) simulating an actual selection system), and actual path finding (also only simulated previously with a more crude system). These are both in now, and working nice! The path-finding still needs some polish, but I can happily move ahead and onto more interesting game features while knowing that things work well-enough. The foundation shouldn’t need any fundamental redesign.

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