Hello there. I’ve decided to try and make a game in my spare time using Game Maker Studio. It’s probably going to be called “Innkeep!” The “!” is because that’s what people will be yelling at you, before following up with “More ale!” or “Bring me some food!” It will be about running an Inn in a fantasy setting, dealing with the steadily increasing demands of various adventurers, travelers and ne’er do wells who drift through. Keeping all of your different plates spinning while also being flexible in dealing with some randomness will be the core of the game experience.

Aside from tinkering around with a text based game in quick basic back in the 90s, this will be my first real game project. I might be getting a bit ahead of myself making a blog when I’ve only just started, but I think it will help me keep track of and curate the process, and also keep me motivated.

I’m a fan of indie gaming, something which I gradually became more and more familiar with since following Dwarf Fortress back in 2008 and their fantastic forum on “Other Games“. Then of course came the age of the Let’s Play, Steam, Kick Starter and early access. It’s been an interesting few years, over the course of which I’ve slowly but steadily increased my stable of indie games which I follow. Trying to make a game now feels like a fairly logical next step after spending so many years playing PC games. It’s another side of the hobby that I hope to explore, one which I believe intersects with thinking about game play, about game mechanics. In that sense at least I’m not inexperienced.

I might make a youtube channel at some point where I periodically upload videos of my progress and talking about what I hope to achieve with the game. I’m not sure how often this will be given that I work full time and have to squeeze this into the evenings or weekends, but I will start off with posting something every few weeks or so and see how that goes.

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